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Fred Hardwick

Fred Hardwick is the President and CEO of BiosCompass. Mr. Hardwick has more than twenty-five years of experience in medical/surgical fields and international business development. He founded Fred Hardwick Surgical, Inc. and Bios, LLC, focusing on surgical sales for neurosurgery, orthopaedics and interventional pain management. He also specialized in contract operating room service for frame-based and image guided stereotactic intracranial surgery for brain tumors. Hardwick provided stereotactic surgical service for Dr. Evan Zeiger and Dr. Robert Craddock of Carraway Methodist Medical Center, Birmingham, Alabama, for ten years using the Compass International stereotactic systems and the navigational techniques developed by Dr. Patrick Kelly of Mayo Clinic and New York University Hospital.  

Hardwick’s work with Dr. Evan Zeiger included helping pioneer intracranial and intraspinal endoscopic procedures with miniature fiber optic endoscopes. Together, they held workshops to teach neurosurgeons from across the U.S. how to do endoscopic third ventriculostomies, remove colloidal cysts in the third ventricle, as well as endoscopic choroid plexectomies with holmium-yag laser. Hardwick also partnered with Dr. Roy Bakay, then at Emory University, to teach Georgia neurosugeons how to do endoscopic procedures in the third ventricle. 

Hardwick’s early interest in spinal adhesions led to his helping to develop myeloscopes for lysing or medicating that tissue via the sacral hiatus and relieving pain. He is also the co-inventor of the Zeiger-Hardwick Scope and procedure for alleviating pain from trigeminal neuralgia. Realizing the major role biologics will have in the best of tomorrow's healthcare and the prevention of pain due to surgical adhesions, Mr. Hardwick has devoted years to tracking the development of many of these technologies with the aim of bringing them to the world's surgeons and their patients. That is the mission of BiosCompass, Inc.

Mr. Hardwick is an Alabama native. He has written about comparative world medicine, the history of the war against cancer, and pioneering endoscopic neurosurgery. He has been the featured speaker at civic group meetings and has spoken to corporate surgical sales forces about selling in the clinical, surgical setting. He has a B.A. degree from the University of Alabama. 

Jon Rousu

Jon Rousu serves as the Executive Vice President of Operations. Mr. Rousu has more than twenty years of experience in neurosurgery field and international business development. After leaving the R&D field within IBM in the late 1980’s he moved to the medical field. He was General Manager of COMPASS International, Inc. for more than 10 years and is now CEO of COMPASS International. He has aided in the development of many new products in the neurosurgery arena during this time and has developed world wide distribution for many of these products.

Mr. Rousu is a Minnesota native and has traveled the world representing the neurosurgery field giving talks and presentations across the globe. He is the published author of numerous clinical and technical articles on stereotactic neurosurgery. He is a member of several Civic/Professional Organizations. He has a B.A.S. in Electronic Engineering from the University of Minnesota and a Mini MBA in Medical Technology from St. Olaf College.