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ADCON®Gel is a biocompatible, resorbable gel that provides a physical barrier to inter-tissue adhesions. This is achieved by inhibiting fibroblast migration onto and around neural or tendinous structures.

The design of ADCON®Gel is based on the concept of establishing a temporary basal lamina by combining an absorbable, collagen-derived material with a resorbable polyglycan ester. A major function of basal lamina is to provide a physical barrier to certain cells and molecules (including fibroblasts). ADCON®Gel is the combination of polyglycan ester with porcine gelatine and buffered saline. It shows excellent physical barrier functions, while at the same time preventing fibroblast ingrowth.


  • A biocompatible, absorbable, flowable gel composed of porcine gelatine and a polyglycan ester in phosphate buffered saline
  • A physical barrier which inhibits fibroblast migration on and around neural and tendinous structures
  • Resorbed in approximately 4 weeks
  • A cost effective dosage in sterile kits for easy, controlled application of the gel