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Surgical Procedure and general Guidelines:

  • Follow accepted standard techniques for each indicated procedure
  • Achieve complete haemostasis
  • Apply ADCON®Gel
  • Perform wound closure


Apply the ADCON®Gel adequately, yet sparingly in the following areas immediately prior to closure of soft tissue incisions:

  • Coat the existing nerve root along all its surfaces (anterior, posterior, medial and lateral surfaces), and within the radicular foramen.
  • Apply ADCON®Gel around the cephalic extent of the nerve root, getting under the exposed surface of the lamina by approximately 1 cm cephalad.
  • Apply ADCON®Gel into the space between the dural sac and the posterior
    longitudinal ligament, both cephalad and caudad to the annular incision.
  • If the ligamentum flavum is intact, apply ADCON®Gel over the anterior and posterior surfaces. If the ligamentum flavum has been removed, apply ADCON®Gel over the dura.
  • Apply ADCON®Gel into the site of the laminectomy/ laminotomy, filling the depth of the site to the level of the anterior surface of the vertebral lamina. Note: The dosage of ADCON®Gel may vary. It depends on the extent of surgery.
  • Avoid placement or migration of ADCON®Gel into the skin incision site.
  • If excess ADCON®Gel contacts tissue other than the intended application site, remove the gel with a sterile gauze.
  • Do not irrigate the site once ADCON®Gel has been applied. Irrigation may remove ADCON®Gel from the application site.
  • Close the incision in standard fashion.